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What experiences does Walt have with living in a multicultural neighbourhood? Use examples from the film and discuss to what extent Walt develops/changes through the movie. Walt was a typical American, he did not know so much about other cultures. After his wife died he was left alone in the house they lived in. He... Continue Reading →


The operation day’s work

The operation day’s work is a campaign we have in Norway. The days are split in two, the international day and the OD day. The international day was about getting necessary information about dreadful happenings around the world. While the OD day was a working day to collect money for poor ones. The theme for... Continue Reading →

The Niger Delta

The Niger Delta is the delta of the Niger River sitting directly on the Gulf of Guinea on the Atlantic Ocean in Nigeria. What do we learn about the situation in the Niger delta through this song? The song is produced by BANTU /crew and Aman Junaid and it is called Niger delta blues. We... Continue Reading →

Review of “girl rising”

Girl rising is a documentary from 2013 made for the girl rising campaign. It is made by the director Richard Robbins with famous stars like Selena Gomez to be the girl's voice. The documentary brings up the world-wide theme: Education for girls. Why doesn’t girls have equal rights? Each of the nine girls has a... Continue Reading →

Quality education – poverty

How is life on earth? To answer the question, I would say it is huge differences between each human being.  Some people are poor, some people are middleclass, while other people are rich. The one theme among thousands that I want to talk about is education. How are the poor ones able to get an... Continue Reading →

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